Van B.

Van B.:  Does he really need an introduction?  Van is half of the brains behind one of my favorite blogs – Necessary & Proper – that’s based here in DC.  He and partner Lauren Wynns chronicle their unique take on fashion blending traditional and a taste of contemporary into a style that few can replicate no matter how hard they try.  From his green driving gloves to his vintage Hermés scarf, Van’s look is down right gorgeous as he effortlessly pairs colors, patterns, and textures.  Should you need a nice distraction today, check out their blog to learn more the dapper Washingtonians.

“Investing in well-made clothes and accessories pays dividends over the long run. Better to mend, patch, repair, and restitch than to replace; over the years, a well-loved object or article of clothing will acquire a patina that you simply can’t get off the shelf. I’d be lost without services like Denim Therapy, Leather Spa, Tiecrafters, and Do’s Custom Tailor, as well as in-house reconditioning from Barbour and Hermès, that keep my threads in ship shape.”

Overcoat: Ralph Lauren (similar & similar)  //  Shirt: Ralph Lauren  //  Sweater: Ralph Lauren  //  Pants: J.Crew  //  Shoes: Coach  //  Scarf: Hermés (vintage)   //  Belt: Hermés (vintage)  //  Gloves: Alfred Dunhil (similar)  //  Sunglasses: Oliver Peoples x Nom de Guerre (similar & similar)

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