Tom N.

Tom N.: He works for Michael Bastian, is starting his own shirting line, and runs one of the very few Preppy tumblr accounts (no Vineyard Vines, no Kate Spade, no crap).  I’ve been following Tom for awhile, but it was SJB who recommended the he be featured as a profile. To quote her exact worlds, “A lot of my inspiration for clothing stemmed from his incessant ability to always one-up me with his wardrobe.” Tom’s style is simple, but in this fantastic non-tryhard way.  I’ve attempted to go beltless and will cuff my pants from time to time, but to say I pull it off as effortlessly as Tom would big a pretty big fib to tell with a straight face.  To keep it short, Tom is cool (much like those riding pants he’s wearing) so click to follow and watch where he goes.

“To really get into the roots of my style, there’s a little bit of a back story – right now I’m working on starting a small American made shirting line which takes its name from my great grandfather, Ben Douglas, who was a boxer in the early 1900s. Boxing blends elegant maneuverability with brute violence. I’ve been trying to meld this idea into my personal style; Rugged Elegance – somewhere between put-together and worn-to-hell.”


Jacket: Uniqlo  //  Shirt: Brooks Brothers  //  Pants: Michael Bastian  //  Shoes: Ralph Lauren
(similar)  //  Pocket Square: Brooks Brothers

Photography by Dina Coloma