Theo C.

Theo C.:  You know those people that you mutually follow on Instagram?  You “know” them.  They “know” you.  But the two of you really don’t “know” each other?  Well, that’s Theo and I.  We’ve been mutually following one another for the past 2+ years and even though he lives across the pond over in Paris, we actually have quite a few mutual friends (the world is oh-so small these days).  With Sam being in France for the past few months, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get him in front of the camera for an impromptu profile.  I like to think I’m a pretty well dressed guy, but compared to Theo I don’t think I could say that with a straight face – at least on weekdays when I’m up till 2am in the morning working on some insignificant finance assignment.  But that’s beside the point.   Theo’s style is unique – not #preppy, not Parisian, just personal.  It’s a good thing we’ll be seeing more of him come next month.


Shirt: Bespoke  //  Jacket: Bespoke (similar & similar)  //  Pants: Balmain  //  Trench: Burberry (similar & similar)  //  Shoes: Berluti  //  Scarf: J.Press