Sarah S.

Sarah S.: She needs no introduction.  If you’re in social media you know who she is and in the unlikely event that you don’t…well…you must be living in a cave or some kind of cabin in the middle of nowhere.  Sarah’s worked for companies that range from Brooks Brothers all the way down to Total Frat Move, but her best piece of work is probably @urbanJAP – a satirical Twitter account that she’s ran since I first knew her.  While she may not be a #Blogger with a bunch of affiliate links plastered around the Internet, she knows how to dress and is well worth the honorary follow.

“East Coast weather is literally by nature, unpredictable, so I dress in layers to accommodate the varying temperatures thrown at me throughout day. Unfortunately my hair can’t as easily be manipulated. Four years of NYC living has taught me to buy quality over quantity, but more importantly, to buy only what you love because the closet real estate it’ll take up is probably worth more than the item itself. I’m drawn towards a more classic aesthetic, but I try to put my own low-cut spin on it. #LeanIn”

Blazer: Brooks Brothers  //  Pants: J.Brand  //  Shoes: Minnetonka  //  Scarf: Brooks Brothers  //  Bracelet: Miansai  //  Bag: Filson