Samantha B.

Samantha:  She’s a sophomore at the George Washington University and will probably be making a regular occurrence on this site based off of her comfort (and gorgeous smile) in front of the camera.   I met Samantha through one of my classes and asked her if she would allow me to photographer her.  Today, she’s the first spotlight in the new series “Proper Profiles” that features well-dressed students, Washingtonians, and young-professionals alike who deserve a little recognition for their dapper threads.  I’m going to be keeping these posts short, but will conclude each one with a direct quote that sums up each person’s style.  I’m looking forward to highlighting more of Samantha – and other individuals – throughout the reoccurring series.

“Some people can draw, some can paint, some can sing, and others can dance. Through all of these forms we share an expressive version of ourselves that cannot be portrayed through the traditional bio paragraph.  Having not been blessed with an artistic side, I turned to fashion at a young age to express myself in a visual format. I am attracted to all things of classical style, although in past years I have attempted to formulate a signature “look” that incorporates something of a classic maverick while including updated trends of my liking.”