Patrick S.

Patrick S:  Washingtonian.  GDuber.  New England Native.  Patrick was referred to me by a reader late last year to be featured in the series.  His style is polished and well-thought out with punches of color evident through his shirt and tie pairing and JP Cricket slippers that perfectly match his merlot colored socks.  Patrick’s look represents just about everything that comes to mind when you think of the word dapper – clean, fitted, and personalized.

“Coming from New England, my style is very influenced by history and tradition, and I try to incorporate a little bit of both into my wardrobe. I enjoy pieces from classic English and American brands – the styles are timeless and the construction is fantastic – and always with a bit of color no matter what the season.”

Blazer: Beyond Bespoke (similar)  //  Shirt: Turnbull & Asser (similar)  //  Tie: Brooks Brothers (similar)  //  Pants: Brooks Brothers  //  Belt: Trafalgar  //  Socks: Pantherella  //  Shoes: JP Crickets  //  Sunglasses: Warby Parker  //  Watch: Tissot