Nicklaus H.

Nicklaus H.:  We’ve all Instagramed stalked from time to time (some more than others *guilty*) where we stumble across cool people with cool stories – Nicklaus is one of them.  He’s from the deep South, lives in New York, and works in dentistry.  He’s not a blogger (shocked considering everyone and their mother has one these days) but has a fantastic Instagram that has this subtle Southern vibe to it.  Hard to explain, but it’s cool in a very authentic way.  We (read Dina) photographed Nicklaus at the end of the last year making him the first profile of 2016.  His style is very much so “classic” but with a hint of Southern influence via the rough texture of his jacket and light honey tint of his chinos.  His best accessory?  A positive outlook in all that he does…and one that I have yet to acquire.  Be sure to follow Nicklaus on Instagram and page through the pictures below.

My wardrobe is full of the classic pieces, neutral palette, and plenty of bow ties. As a southerner, I love my Sperrys and seersucker. As a dentist, I frequent scrubs and a white coat. I keep it pretty simple: Dress for the day you want to have. And I prefer a good day!


 Topcoat: J.Crew  //  Blazer: H&M (similar & similar)  //  Shirt: J.Crew  //  Pants: Brooks Brothers (similar)  //  Shoes: Cole Haan  //  Neckwear: The Chamber Brand  //  Watch: Daniel Wellington

Photography by Dina Coloma