Molly C.

Molly C:  She’s a Junior at GW with a down-right gorgeous smile.  We became “friends” during that awkward time during Freshman year when you feel obligated to add every person you come into contact with on Facebook.  Molly was recommend to me through a mutual friend making her the third profile in the weekly series.  Though some may consider her to have more of a contemporary style, she still pays tribute to her New England roots that serve as a foundation for her expressive look.

“Some people can categorize their style but I feel that my style is still evolving. I found as I’ve gotten older I’ve become more adventurous to mix styles and give the traditional side an edge. I work to fulfill the idea that my outfit is an extension of my design style. The first impression I make on people is based on what I’m wearing, so I always try to make it count!”