Michael M.

Michael M: The world is a terrifyingly small place these days, but sometimes it’s not so bad.  I met Michael (aka “@PrepLaw“) through Tumblr of all places when I realized that I had previously photographed him – and his adorable beagle ‘Lady Thatcher’ – at The Harriman Polo Cup two years back.  After returning to Washington in August, we were finally able to formally meet and I’ve been stalking his dog ever since.  Today, I’m happy to feature Michael – and his pup – who not only knowns how to dress with precession, but is a mean cook behind the stove.


“ If you ask anyone who’s known me for a while, they can attest to the fact that I’ve been dressing the same way since elementary school. (I bet I could find a picture of me in red cords and a blue blazer!) So, in that regard, I don’t consider it a style. My personal touch is always pairing classic elements with something that stands out – a loud-colored trouser, a Lilly bow tie with a conservative suit, or striped braces – details that are both timeless and eye-catching.  Particularly in DC, among the sea of grey and blue suits, I use my style to create an impression before I speak.”