Cole M.

Cole M:   He’s a freshman at American Univeristy and was referred to me by someone through Tumblr.  Cole’s cool demeanor matched the snowy backdrop we had this weekend in Washington and is quite natural in front of the lens.  He doesn’t blog, pin, tumble, or any of that other social media stuff, but he does know a thing or two about thrifting.  One of my favorite parts about this profile is his jacket and shoes that didn’t come with their original price tag.  I give a lot of credit to people – like Cole – who go out and thrift instead of taking the easier route and buying new.  Perhaps he could teach me of his way…

“When I get up in the morning and look at my closest, I don’t think about what special brands to incorporate into my ensemble, but I rather think of it as putting together a puzzle of textures, patterns, and visuals together that make my style my own. I love pieces that are worn and worn again, to the point where your collar starts to fringe and your jacket is faded, for they are the lasting pieces that carry experience.”

Shirt: J.Crew (similar)  //  Sweater: J.Crew  //  Pants: Banana Republic  //  Blazer: Andre Duval ~thrifted~ (similar & similar)  //  Tie: J.Crew  //  Scarf: Barbour  //  Shoes: Thrifted (similar & similar)  //  Watch: Fossil