Alex R.

Alex R.:  He’s probably the most unique person we’ve profiled so far.  Why?  Because he has a sense of style that really can’t be categorized.  From his crisp double breasted blazer to his polka-dot ascot, Alex rocks it when it comes to accessories – many of which I could never pull off even with the most creative photoshopping.  Originally from Louisiana, he’s now a New York based buyer for Tom Ford (I’m a size 38R in case Tom needs to get rid of any reject pieces off his hands) who draws his style inspiration from the concrete jungle as well as his southern roots.  I’ve never met Alex, but anyone who walks around with Stubbs is an automatic friend in my book.  Here’s to hoping we see more of Alex – and his satirical writing – on our blog in the very near future.

“My style fits along the lines of timeless elegance. I maintain the sensibilities of the southern gentleman that I am with a New York refinement and taste in my personal style. I’ve been told by a close friend and mentor, “These days ‘Fashion’ is everywhere but ‘Style’ is rare.”

-Alex R.

Shirt: Tom Ford  //  Chinos: Uniqlo (similar)  //  Blazer: Ralph Lauren (similar)  //  Ascot: Paul Stuart  //  Pocket Square: Paul Stuart (similar)  //  Slippers: Stubbs & Wootton  //  Cuff Links: Tiffany & Co.  //  Watch: Rotary (similar)  //  Bracelets: Giles & Brother & Hermés  //  Bag: Hermés  //  Sunglasses: Tom Ford  //  Notebook: Smythson

Photography by Dina Coloma