Sophie S.

Sophie S:.  A few days ago I said how much I hated bloggers being on Snapchat.  Well…I redact – Sophie’s the exception.  I met Sophie when I was in NYC a few months ago after coming across her Instagram and blog.  In an attempt to not sound obsessive, Sophie’s just fantastic.  Her style is effortless and – for having a massive following – completely down-to-earth and fun to hang around.  Over the past few weeks, she’s been touring around Europe that’s included helicopter rides, medieval castles, and some fantastic scenery that she’s somehow been able to capture via snapchat.  My point?  Her life’s a little more exciting than doughnuts and daily Starbucks runs.  So check out her blogher Instagram, and follow long on snapchat as she continues on her adventures.  You won’t be disappointed.

“I like to think of my style as classic, but always with a twist. My two big style inspirations are Grace Kelly and New York City. I always try to go for a casual chic look with clean colors that I could wear anywhere should my day take an unexpected turn. Style should always be effortless so I never allow myself more than 10 minutes to get ready in the morning.”


Skirt: Club Monaco  //  Top: Theory (similar)  //  Shoes: Pretty Ballerinas  //  Bag: Saint Laurent //  Jewelry: Anna Inspring, Rolex, & Vintage

Photography by Dina Coloma