Twaun S.

After nearly a year of dormancy, I'm (really) happy to be brining back the profile series that I started two years ago.  These profiles will ultimately become a pretty large part of this blog for a few reasons: 1) I love photography and am pretty disappointed in myself that I let it take a spot on the back-burner.  2) I hate being photographed and think those #OOTD posts are painfully vain.  3) I find 99% of bloggers to have pretty basic style with no sense of creativity.  The majority of the individuals profiled moving forward won't have big blogs or large followings, but they'll have unique, thoughtful style that makes them far more interesting than anyone with an link.  You'll see people wearing everything from H&M to Hermés and if you don't like it, tough luck because I don't really care.  The one thing I do want to hear from you? Profile recommendations.  I won't be making any promises that they'll make it into this series, but if you know someone (whether a friend or someone you like to stalk on Instagram) send their information my way.  With the ground rules now laid out, let's profile.

Twaun S.:  It's amazing who you can find on the Instagram search/discovery page - the source through which I found Twaun.  He's from Mississippi, works on Capitol Hill, and has a style that can only be described as smooth.  Twaun reminds me of one of those RL Purple Label models.  You know...the ones who wear clothes that you'd love to own, but know that you could never pull the look off even with the highest degree of confidence.  He doesn't blog (thank God), but has a posh Instagram that's "curated" in a very salt-to-the-earth manner.  Below are a collection of shots from a September morning in Georgetown pre-brunch.


"My personal style and how I present myself to the world is tied to a vast catalogue of references from old Hollywood films and cultural iconography I studied as a child growing up in Biloxi, MS.  As a young teenager, I remember describing to my parents what I envisioned to be a gentleman in life and a professional in the workplace. The image was always that of a man in a perfectly tailored suit as worn by Steve McQueen in "The Thomas Crown Affair" or Sean Connery in any number of James Bond films.   I was always enamored with the timeless elegance of men and women from that era -- even in their simplest acts.  From how they buttoned their jackets to table etiquette, there was always a certain grace and charisma that was merely enhanced by how they dressed for the occasion. For me, personal style is not about chasing labels or collecting possessions per se.  It's an entire lifestyle, it's an attitude, and an outward expression of who you are and the story you want to tell.  Style is perfected best by those who know first who they are and then adorn themselves accordingly (Epictetus).  Similarly, my personal style has refined only in recent years as I've grown more comfortable in my skin.  Today, when I look into the mirror and can see in that reflection the man I could only imagine I'd be as a child, I know I'm living my dreams." 

-Twaun S

Blazer: Topman (Similar & Similar)  //  Shirt: H&M//  Trousers: Zara (similar)  //  Pocket Square: H&M  //  Shoes: Zara (similar & similar)  //  Glasses: H&M (similar)  //  Watch: Tissot  //  Portfolio: Jack Georges