33rd Harriman Cup


The Harriman Cup: It's the yearly match between UVA and Yale where alumni (and wannabes like myself) storm Penn Station and board the LIRR for a day of polo dressed in blindingly colorful outfits and a never-ending flow of libations.  

With the match a little under a month away, I put together a collection of my favorite snaps from years past.  For the fourth time in a row I'll be doing what I do best - judging (the best dressed of course) - alongside Karen Klopp of What2WearWhere.  Tickets can be bought here (go ahead, treat yourself with a VIP ticket - it's totally worth it) along with some additional information about the event.  Blade is doing helicopter rides and while traditions should never be broken, it might be time to throw up the peace sign to the train and opt for more...convenient...transportation.  Hope to see you there!


PS:  One of my good friends - Jack Carlson of Rowing Blazers - is one of the sponsors this year.  They have an awesome collection that they put together specifically for The Harriman Cup.  Be sure to check it out here.