Whisky Tasting With Bruichladdich

Last March, I took a trip to Scotland to visit a sibling studying abroad in Edinburgh.  The entire experience was incredible.  From dinners in castles to rolling green mountains to exploring estates with sprawling gardens, it was easily one of my top highlights from 2017.  The trip also introduced me to whisky (good whisky) that quickly has become a staple on my at-home bar cart.

Bruichladdich 30.jpg

I’ve mentioned before that I host these monthly get-togethers in my home and in the spirit of the holidays (and brutally cold DC weather we’ve been having) I decided to position the gathering around a fun whisky tasting.  Everyone does egg nog and I wanted something that people could kind of get involved in – have fun with.  The Bruichladdich Wee Laddie Tasting Collection was a perfect way to do this giving friends the opportunity to enjoy not just one, but three, unique whisky expressions on their own from a true Scottish distillery (sidenote: this is an awesome gift for any whisky drinker or self-proclaimed mixologist).

Bruichladdich 24.jpg

The Bruichladdich Wee Laddie Tasting Collection I used for the evening comes with three unique styles of whisky that are all a little different.  The Classic Laddie (blue bottle) has this fruity/floral/elegant taste that’s just super smooth to sip.  I generally drink my whisky with a big ice cube, but this one needed no accompaniment.  The Islay Barley was incredible (and hands down my favorite).  I usually don’t like the taste of barley, but tones of honey and citrus with a little hint of saltiness came together in this incredible format enhanced by a small, fresh orange peel.  I tried the Port Charlotte last that gave off this warm, smoky sweetness that kind of reminded me of mezcal but not as intense.

Bruichladdich 9.jpg

The tasting collection was a great way to bring a level of intimacy to the holiday party. Strangers became fast friends camped out at the tasting bar comparing notes on their favorite expressions.  I thought the custom napkins added a fun level of personalization while helping the less informed figure out the lay of the land.

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My tip for whisky?  Keep it simple and go neat – especially if your life’s a mess.


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