DEAN'S LIST :: 10/16/17 not starting off to the best start with the weekly Monday post, but I am trying...

1 // Jaleo Gin & Tonic Festival

Is there really anything better?  Maybe...but this is definitely at the top of the list.  Last Wednesday, I got to pop into Jaleo to try their speciality Gin & Tonic Festival menu (here) featuring seasonal gin cocktails (the Gone Apple Picking was great) and gin-infused foods (like the gin & tonic oysters that were amazing x2).  I never knew this, but gin is actually the liquor of choice for the Spaniards even though it was created by the British. The festival begins today (October 16th) and ends on the 29th.  You should go :)

2 // Georgetown Flea Market


I get a fair amount of direct messagess and emails about the artwork I feature from my home.  I'll be honest in that it's more of a recent hobby I picked up since coming to DC a little over five years ago, but it's something that I've truly enjoyed learning more about.  I don't go as regularly as I once did (I have no more wall space to hang anything anymore), but every now and then I'll drop into the Georgetown Flea Market that happens every Sunday right across from the Safeway in Georgetown.  I've picked up some awesome finds - the newest being this mini Vanity Fair print from 1894 and these two Hogarth prints titled "The Harlot's Progress" (that I secretly want to gift to someone I find unsavory...).  If you're ever in DC on a Sunday, you should go.  The market can be hit or miss, but you never know what you're going to find.

3 // Rowing Blazers

Jack Carlson launched his own line recently - Rowing Blazers - and I have found the pieces to be quite nice - especially for the upcoming cool weather.  I admit I was a little weary on wearing a bold, blue striped jacket (here) out in public in a (very) tame city like DC, but I've grown quite found of the piece that was gifted to me for The Harriman Polo Cup.  Over the weekend, I paired it with with medium-wash denim by Rag & Bone, a pressed dress shirt by Charles Tyrwhitt, and tan leather chelsea boots by Rush.  Perhaps I'll be brazen enough to snap a pic of myself and post it...but don't hold your breath.

4 // Rich People Problems


I know...the epitome of trash fiction...but my God Kevin Kwan knows how to capture an audience.  This is the third book in the "Crazy Rich Asians" series (they're turning it into a film) and it's actually quite interesting once you remove all the noise and look past the name.  At its core, it shows the stark differences between "new" and "old money" Asians and how it influences their youngest generation.  While Kevin may not be the most philosophical writer, I do think he gives a rare look in the "New" Asia - a continent of supreme wealth and strength that continues to become a dominating force in the global landscape. 

5 //Solange for Ladurée

Laudrée stopped by my office a couple weeks ago to drop off this beautiful (and delicious) box of macaroons for the Sloange collaboration.  The confectionary just opened two locations in DC and the Georgetown spot is lovely.  I've heard they do a nice brunch on the weekends (not bottomless of course...that would be too good to be true) and have thought about dropping in sometime.