Dean's List :: 10/01/17

So...after nearly a year of neglect...I've decided to (attempt) to make a more conscious effort to publish on The Dean's List.  I'm not sure where the motivation has come from...perhaps it's a selfish need to get away from work/life/myself and do something more creative that allows me to write and get things out of my head...perhaps it's inner arrogance of wanting to be heard or the need for validation in a world where #influence seems to be more important than what you know...perhaps it's feeling a little lost or confused in life and wanting to go back to something that is comfortable or that I have "control" over...or something entirely different that I either don't know or don't want to admit.

Whatever it is, it's moved me to do something and so here I am...back to writing with run on sentences (and interjections that come into my head) in the hopes of doing something good both for others and myself.  I'm starting with what I know (and love to make): lists...a weekly one if you will compiled with 5/6 things that I just feel like writing about.  I'll probably publish the list on Monday...maybe Sunday like I did today...and perhaps this will only last a few weeks and will piddle out, but I figured it's time to do something a little more...meaningful...with my life than post pictures of cocktails to my Instagram story day after day. we go...

1 // Custom Cocktail Napkins


I received a ton of questions about these cocktail napkins I posted a few months ago.  I'll talk about this at some point later, but I made the napkins for these monthly get-togethers I have at my place.  These gatherings aren't exactly small and my two are the same.  From  people that are my parents age to ones that are on the opposite ends of the political spectrum, there's a healthy level of diversity that makes for some great conversation.  Anyways I made the napkins with some level of seriousness (mainly to combat the political bickering I am so damn tired of hearing about 24/7) to remind people to just have fun (and not break my glassware).  The entrepreneur in me wants to design a few styles and open back up that Etsy shop, but that's one of my (many) pipe dreams that (probably) will not be happening.  If you're someone who enjoys entertaining, have some fun and design your own napkin.  It costs virtually nothing (like $60 bucks for 300 of them) and you can do whatever you want.  I did mine through 24 Hour Wrist Bands (here) and while the quality isn't amazing, they're good and do the trick as a cocktail napkin.

2 // Fake Plastic Love by Kimberly Tait


I received this book (here) by Kimberly Tait at the beginning of the summer and finally got around to reading it.  I'll admit that it took a bit of time to really "get into," but I thought she did an amazing job of capturing the idea of "the influencer."  Basically this girl (Belle) creates the first lifestyle blog that goes viral and the difference between reality and fiction is completely blurred.  It's a good read particularly for anyone who keeps up with #bloggers or #influencers.  

3 // Luke Edward Hall x Stubbs & Wootton


If you don't follow Luke on Instagram (here) you're missing out.  He's an incredible creative (I always think of him as a modern day Pablo Picasso in terms of the style of his work) who has his hand in a little bit of everything.  Anyways, he did a collaboration with Stubbs & Wootton that dropped this week (here).  I love the Popina (here) both because of the ironic name (a Popina was "A place for plebeians of the lower classes of Roman society to socialise and in Roman literature they were frequently associated with illegal and immoral behaviour.") and design (going to assume that's a gin & tonic with a lime).

4 // Washington Winter Show


Alright...a shameless plug...but it's for a great cause.  The Washington Winter Show (here) is an annual antiques show at the beginning of the new year with proceeds going to benefit a variety of different charities here in DC.  The collections from the vendors are incredible and the speakers (both at the annual luncheon and lecture) are top notch.  I'm co-charing their Young Collector's Committee so if you know of anyone who would be interested in supporting, please email me!

5 // Boqueria


This summer, a friend introduced me to Boqueria (here) that has one of the best brunches in town.  Gin sangria and tomato toast are both highly recommended.  They have a shaded patio that's perfect for these pleasant fall days that we've been having.