Dumbarton Oaks

I hate (hate) being photographed - it's why I started the profile series and haven't done a post that involves an #OOTD since 2015.  But my good friend Alina (who's wildly talented behind the lens) has been begging to do a shoot with me for over a year.  I've declined more times than I can count, but when she came down from New York for a weekend she forced my hand and dragged me to Dumbarton Oaks tucked away in Georgetown. 

The Dumbarton Oaks estate is beautiful - particularly in the spring when the gardens are in full bloom.  I first went a couple of years ago in the fall and have been going back ever since whenever I need an escape to just walk, think, and decompress.

Alina did a beautiful job from the shots to the edits and I'm not just saying that because she's a good friend.  She understood my "look," tailored the shoot to compliment the setting, and made the experience something that I (begrudgingly) enjoyed.  I think I'll still stay (far) away from the camera, but perhaps I'll share a few more of these shoots throughout 2017.

Below is a collection of my favorite snaps by Alina.  If you live in NYC and are looking for a fun (down-to-earth) photographer, you should look her up and reach out.  She's awesome.


Shirt: Brooks Brothers  //  Blazer: J.Crew  //  Jeans: All Saints  //  Topcoat: J.Crew (similar)  //  Shoes: Gordon Rush (similar & similar)  //  Pocket Square: J.Crew (similar)  //  Belt: Ralph Lauren (similar)