Read Wall

Read Wall - it's the name of the brand and owner.  I met Read awhile back (possibly when I was a freshman in college) at a random holiday pop-up in Georgetown with Tuckernuck, Chubbies, and a collection of other local, small brands.  We've kept in touch ever since and when I heard about his new storefront in Shaw, I popped in for a visit.

The space is furnished with a massive chesterfield couch, pingpong table, and plenty of booze. All of his products are produced under his own label, here  in the US.  I walked out with one of his striped oxford shirts produced by Thomas Mason.  It's been a staple for the past two - soon to be three - seasons that hugs and gives in all the right places.

I haven't bought a full suit (yet), but it's at top placeholder on my acquisitions list.  Every other week or so, they'll post on Instagram a sample swatch of one of their fabrics offering 45% off the first five custom orders.  Seeing as everything is custom, this is an fantastic way for someone to score a gorgeous, custom garment at a awesome price.

While I hate to use the "p word," Read's garments are true representations of what preppy is (or shall I say was): traditionally, well-made clothes with a slim cut.  Whether you're in the market for a full suit or a knit tie (Read was wearing one of these and I thought it looked great), you should stop into the store.  You won't be disappointed.