NYC Guide 2

I was in NYC in April, but didn't have any time to put together my "guide" from when I went.  Unfortunately most of the things I did involved eating and drinking (shocker), but I did venture out to Williamsburg to this AWESOME consignment shop.  It's featured as #6 - if you're ever in the city I HIGHLY recommend going.  Enjoy.

#1 One  //  The Roger  //  131 Madison Ave

I usually take early tries to NYC (they're cheaper and you get a whole extra day) and so I opted for a massive breakfast at the hotel.

#2  //  Pings Seafood Restaurant  //  22 Mott Street

Dim Sum: It's one of my favorite parts about going to NYC.  I try to mix it up while I'm there and came across this place.  No joke, my cab there cost more than the entire meal.  Top-notch food.

#3  //  Authentic Pre Owned  //  117 W Broadway

This place was AWESOME.  We were walking uptown on Broadway and I spotted this massive LV steamer in the window.  We were in a rush and weren't able to stay long, but the pieces in the shop were incredibly cool.  Definitely going to be going back on my next visit to pick something up.

#5  //  Barbournia  // 250 Park Ave S

ame here before going out one night for drinks - the cocktails are awesome.  The place is  Mediterranean (more Greek from what I could tell) that has small, shareable plates.  I hear they have an ultimate champagne cocktails brunch on the weekend. :D

#6  //  Beacon's Closet  //  74 Guernsey St.

My friend Sarah has been telling about this consignment store she goes to for years.  I had a late train leaving the city and so I agreed to make the trek out there.  She didn't like.  Picked up a Billy Reid Oxford, vintage Lacoste blazer, and a Black Fleece tie for under $50.  Definitely a hidden gem well worth the trip.

#7  //   The Bedford  //  110 Bedford Ave.

Went to this place after Beacon's Closet.  Cool Pub-style restaurant with good, cheap food.  We split the burger above and I downed the basket of french fries on my own.

#8  //  Barney's New York  //  101 7th Ave

Went into the Barney's because I wanted to see the new store (it's beautiful) and spotted Nick Wooster in the Thom Browne section no less.  Definitely worth a check out - even if it's just to take an Insta of the iconic curved staircase.

#9  //  Cafe Fiorello  //  1900 Broadway

Cool lunch spot that I've been to now for the second time.  The wine list is disgustingly overpriced (paid $60 for a bottle that costs nine bucks online), but the food is good - like this massive pot of mussels and side of fries.  Nice spot to hit up if you're on the upper west side.

#10  //  J.G. Melon  //  1291 3rd Ave

One of my favorite places to go for a quick, cheap bite.  If you've never been to J.G. Melon you're out of your mind.  For those who have, they accept credit cards now :)

#11  //  The Standard Grill  //  848 Washington St

Late night libations post going to Brass Monkey (bad move on my part).