Washington Winter Show

Over the past couple of years, I’ve come to develop this interest/passion/obsession with antiques (i.e. fantastic one-of-a-kind things I have no room for in the tiny place I call “home” up in DC). From vintage Hermès ties to prints from the early 1920s to LV luggage that’s older than my parents, I’ve picked up some pretty fantastic things that you just don’t come across anymore.

I’ve been to antique stores before (even went to a flea market two weekends prior), but I hadn’t been to a convention/show until this past summer when I went to the Baltimore Antiques Show. The place was insane – rows and rows and rows of vendors selling everything you can possibly imagine. Like Baltimore, Washington has something similar – the Washington Winter Show, The Washington Antiques Show.

I’ve heard about the event (many times actually), but have never been able to go. While on a slightly different scale than Baltimore, the Winter Show offers a more intimate experience. Translation: A wonderful opportunity to find that exact piece to complete your collection (or start a new one!).

The show kicks off the DC calendar (Preview Night is January 7th, the Show runs Jan 8-10) drawing vendors, customers, and spectators from all over the U.S.

The best part is that the show is a non-profit with proceeds going to support underserved or at-risk children and families. Believe it or not, the show has raised more than $8 million for charities around the DC metro area over the past 60 years. Now that is #Goals.

I’ll be going to the preview night party to scope things out (#blessed), but I went ahead and did some scouting of items that – most likely – will be there. This is the furthest from a complete list, but I wanted to give a general idea of what people can expect.

If you’re in the DC area, I highly recommend paying a visit to the Show. Even if you don’t need anything (like me), it’s still a really great opportunity to see some one-of-a kind things. The schedule is full of interesting talks, curated walks and a fantastic Jazz Night, tickets are very reasonable and the venue is accessible via Metro (located on American University’s campus).

I hope (read expect) to see you there.