New York City: Guide 1

I go to NYC pretty frequently – part for fun, part for work, and sometimes completely at random.  It’s a 3.5 hour ride on the Amtrak and if you book far enough in advance you can pay less than $100 round trip (not bad).  Last weekend was one of those weekends were I found myself back in NYC.  I’m pretty good about trying new places (really wherever I go) and so I thought I’d start putting together “guides.”  Maybe guide is the wrong word (really don’t care if it is to be honest), but the purpose is tosnap-shot the things I did and highlight some great food, style, and fun.  Here’s we go

#1  //  The Roger Hotel  //  131 Madison Ave


It’s my new favorite hotel.  Nestled in the heart of Korea Town, I originally came across the property via Hotels Tonight (if you don’t have an account, you’re missing out).  As #basic as it sounds, it’s probably one of the most “Instagrammable” hotels that I know of in the city.  The style of the rooms and lobby is a combination between modern and traditional with a subtle European flair.  From the California King beds to the insanely nice staff (I think I left a nicer person) to the proximity to Union and Grand Central, The Roger was utterly fantastic.

#2  //  Westville  //  333 Hudstron St.

Been here for dinner before per the recommendation of a cousin and went here to lunch for the first time with some of the people I work with.  I wish I could remember the exact name of what I had, but it was some kind of vegetable and chicken stir-fry bowl.  It was loaded with vegetables along with a massive avocado.  Filled me up so much that I didn’t even eat dinner later that night.

#3  //  RRL & Co  //  381 Bleeker St.

Alright, RL isn’t exactly an “undiscovered gem,” but there are a ton of sweet shops on Bleeker Street.  While the day that I took this was pretty cold, all of the trees were in full bloom.  The Black Fleece store here is awesome – surprised it’s still open seeing as the line as been discontinued.  Sidenote: I went into the RL store and came across this fireman-inspired jacket – so awesome #Want.

#4  //  The MET  //  1000 5th Ave

I don’t think I’ve ever gone to NYC as an “adult” (i.e. 18 or older) and not gone to the MET.  Even if it’s for 20 minutes (like I did post-brunch), I think it’s one of the most wonderful places to get lost in.  The Greek & Roman galleries have always been person favorites. Around this time of the year they start opening up the roof of the MET – one of the best views in NYC.

#5  //  Her Name is Han  //  17 E 31st St

This.  Place.  Was.  Fantastic.  On Sunday I had an open afternoon and asked the hotel concierge for an off-the-beaten-path recommendation for a quick bite to eat.  They pointed me to a place a half a block away to a Korean restaurant.  I still have no idea what the hell I ate, but it food was incredible.  The best part?  The pulped grapefruit mimosas poured over ice.  This entire meal was also less than $20 (including tip)…GO TRY IT.

#6  //  Buddakan  //  75 9th Ave

Definitely was not/am not cool enough to go to a place like this…but I did.  Buddkan is a trendy/chic/hip Asian restaurant in Chelsea.  We didn’t have a formal, sit-down dinner here rather we sat at the bar and had cocktails along with a handful of small plates.  My recommendation, get the tranquility – one of the best drinks I’ve had in my life.

#7  //  Cascabel Taqueria  //  1556 2nd Ave

What weekend is complete without brunch?  We kind of stumbled into this place after our original plans fell through.  Great bottomless brunch with strong sangrias and I thought that the tin trays the food was served on was pretty cool.  Two thumbs up.

#8  //  L.L. Bean//  Boat & Tote

Another great perk about the room that I was in was that the lighting was fantastic rending a nice shot above.  People tend to ask what I travel with and this massive boat and tote (monogram stands for Gin & Tonic) is always along for the ride.

#9  //  Etc. Etc. Etc.


Special thanks to The Roger Hotel for the lovely stay.