32nd Harriman Cup

The Harriman Cup:  What can I say?  With 2016 marking round four of attending the event, there's not much reporting for me to do.  After two consecutive years of crummy weather, it was nice to have a day that didn't involve boarding the LIRR back to Manhattan drenched from head to toe #Blessed.

Per usual, the morning began at Penn Station with a mad dash to the trains as if our lives depended on it.  Elbows were thrown and power-walking ensued as we went from car to car searching for the equivalent of the Holy-Grail: those two rows of three seats that face directly in front of one another.  While we were victorious in our pursuit, I think I'm going to start saving my pennies to hop on a heli next year via Blade.  I've paid my dues...and want that damn Insta shot...

While every year draws a slightly different crowd of people, you still have a core group of "regulars" who come out and celebrate the final days of summer in their loudest and brightest of threads.  Drinks are poured (in amounts that would make your Mother consider sending you to Passages Malibu), divots are stomped (one bro put on a dance show on the field sponsored by his intake of bourbon - should have snapped a video), and awards are given because the players shouldn't be the only ones who are allowed to compete.  I - along with Karen Klopp and F.E. Castleberry - did our due diligence of looking (and judging) in selecting the "bests" of the bunch.

Below are a handful of outtakes from the afternoon that I managed to snap with comments below.  Special thanks to Matt Paco and The Harriman Cup for keeping me around for another year of fun at Bethpage Polo Park.


Left: Noteworthy shades.  Right:  A deconstructed blazer.  Both:  Regulars. 

Pictured: A light blue fascinator and Kay Ungar dress.  Not Pictured: The dog that everyone was swarming around.

I don't know who this woman was, but she was striking in all the right ways.  Her jacket (that you unfortunately can't really see) is a vintage piece from Ralph Lauren.  If anyone knows who she is, please email/tweet/smoke signal me her information.  I'd love to profile her.

Pastel pants, needlepoint belt via, & RL OCBD.  The prep-trifecta.

A new friend.  Drew is a champion.  She boarded a 6:00AM flight from Miami to La Guardia and somehow landed in time to get herself to Penn in time to catch the 10:00am train to Long Island.  She left Manhattan bright and early Sunday.  #Goals 

Social media check.

There are two things that are never in short supply: Liquor and designer bags.

UVA x Yale

Meg Towner & her annual horse picture.  Dress by Michael Kors.

#Squad.  And me being bi-partisan with one UVA & one Yale slipper courtesy of JP Crickets because I hate to lose.

Mr. Best Dressed.

Linen, Seersucker, & Chino.  Man's three best friends in the summer.