Candles: They've been a hot topic in my inbox lately - no pun intended - so I decided to do a quick write up about them.  If you've been following, you probably know that have a *slight* fascination with candles.  Mess with them - like GWU did - and I'll flip a table.  The problem that most guys have are finding ones that aren't floral or smell like a Yankee Candle store.  I keep a good collection at home and am always finding ones from new sources, but - like anything - I have a few that I ride or die by.

# One  //  NEST Fragrance

Not sure which I like more - the candles or CEO Laura Slatkin.  NEST makes the best candles in my book (#SorryNotSorry Diptyque) and naturally land at spot number one.  They last a fair amount of time so you really get a good bang for your buck.  My go-to is the Cashmere Suede Classic Candle and now that I don't live in a dorm, it's been burning on the regular.


# Two  //  Thompson Ferrier

A new brand that I've come to love over the past month or two.  The scents are great (Amber Oud Champagne all the way), but the containers might be the best part.  No one likes an ugly candle and these come in pretty cool shapes - pineapples, silver elephants, etc. - along with lids.  I know it sounds #basic (and a bit high maintenance) but I hate the post-candle smoke that fills up a room.  With lids, you don't get the smokey-smell...or risk setting off the fire alarm.


# Three  // Prospector Co.

Chopped wood, spicy leather, cold saves - they have some cool names.  Best part is that a number of them (here) are on sale for $14 bucks so grab 'em while you can.


# Four  //  Levitate Candles

An all time favorite.  While expensive, these candles are massive and can last up to four months with regular lighting.  I would venture to say that these are the most "masculine."  I had the Leather & Tobac sitting in my bedroom that was fantastically heavy, but not suffocating.


# Five//  DW Home

Another line very similar to Manly Indulgence.  These are by far the "heaviest" in terms of scent so if you're looking for something bold, opt for the "Warm Tobacco Pipe."


# Six  //  Manly Indulgence

The label says it all - IVY League, Bachelor Pad, Fresh Shave, Black Tuxedo - the list goes on.  My only "complaint" is that they tend to burn fast compared to the ones mentioned above.


# Seven  //  Paddywax Candles

They did an apothecary line awhile back that featured two scents - Tobacco and Patchouli & Vetiver and Cardamon.  For 60 hours of burn time at $18 bucks a pop, they're priced insanely affordable.


# Eight  //  Scentsational Candles

I have no morals when it comes to candles, but if you're a "soy-only" person this is your brand.  Made in the US, sleek design, and 100% soy-based.


# Nine  //  Blind Barber

These are just cool.  The Small Tompkins Candle literally looks like one of those tall blue jars with the combs that you see in an old-school barber shops- clear glass, blue wax, etc.


# Ten  //  Tom Dixon

I left the bougiest for last.  I've never bought one of these - only gifted (thanks Mom) - because dropping $120+ on a candle is a bit much.  That being said they're quite gorgeous even though I feel like I'm burning more money than wax within the process.